As your engineering partner for aerospace our highly qualified and experienced staff supports you along your entire value added chain. On-site and also in our offices we take the whole responsibility for complex development projects.

We hold outstanding expertise in the fields of conceptional and serial design for both lightweight structures and also interiors design.


Products & Services

  • Development & design of primary and secondary structure parts
    • Concept & feasibility studies
    • Specifications
    • 2D & 3D Models & Drawings
    • Kinematics examinations
  • Systems integration and interiors design
    • Concept & feasibility studies
    • 2D & 3D Models & Drawings


  • Stress & simulation
    The computational engineers of LION are acknowledged specialists in aerospace industry and offer following services:
    • linear & non-linear computation
    • static & dynamic computation
    • flow analysis
    • computation of cfrp/gfrp
    • Buckling Analysis & Strength Fatigue
    • weight and center of gravity computations
  • Project management
    The experienced LION project managers represent the interface between the customer and the systems supplier. Highly familiar with procedures, processes and standards we provide the interface management and coordinate all steps interdisciplinary and across locations.

    We integrate development processes, discover potential for savings and optimize costs.